Aptera’s Launch Edition: production to begin on solar-powered EV

Aptera Launch Edition

Aptera Motors, the San Diego-based EV manufacturer, has announced plans to begin production of its Launch Edition vehicle, a highly efficient EV that utilizes solar technology. The vehicle is equipped with around 700 watts of proprietary solar technology, which is integrated into the vehicle’s design, allowing it to drive up to 40 miles per day directly from the sun.

Our Launch Edition is our chance to show the world something that’s never existed before

Chris Anthony, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Aptera Launch Edition is integrated with a solar charging package that allows customers to drive for longer periods of time without having to charge the vehicle. The average American driver living in areas with high exposure to the sun would never have to worry about charging their vehicle. For areas with medium sun exposure, such as Chicago or New York, the company said that an owner would only have to plug in and charge around three times per year.

The vehicle can also be charged through a standard power outlet, allowing for flexibility in charging options. When plugged into a 120-volt outlet, the vehicle can charge over 13 miles per hour or around 150 miles overnight.

The Aptera team is currently in the fourth and final phase of product development, named Delta, which includes crash testing and validation. Upon completion, Aptera plans to scale up production with a full-scale single shift producing 10,000 vehicles annually. From there, it plans to expand its output to dual shifts producing 20,000 vehicles per year from its Carlsbad, California facility.

Aptera aims to start production of the Launch Edition in 2023 and plans to have eight assembly plants operational by 2028. Currently, Aptera has over 40,000 reservations for the Launch Edition_


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