Apple and AAA bring satellite roadside assistance to iPhone

Enhanced safety for remote locations with AAA’s satellite services on Apple devices

In a remarkable move to improve safety and extend their reach, Apple has teamed up with AAA to offer satellite-based roadside assistance for the new iPhone 15 and 14 users. This development aims to provide a lifeline for those stranded in remote areas without conventional connectivity.

“Safety is at the core of who AAA is as an organization, and we’re taking that commitment to the next level by offering AAA services to iPhone users who would have previously been unreachable,”

Marshall Doney, president and CEO of AAA

The service and how it works

The service works by connecting iPhone usersto AAA. Users will need to answer a series of questions to capture necessary details. Following this, they will receive guidance on maintaining the satellite connection, facilitating the communication process with AAA agents.

  • Availability: Starting September 22, 2023
  • Supported devices: iPhone 15 and iPhone 14
  • Service areas: United States and Puerto Rico
  • Membership Verification: AAA members will be verified before service
  • Payment: Non-members pay upon service completion
  • Location requirements: Must be near a road

Roadside Assistance utilizes Apple’s Emergency SOS satellite functionality to assist you during vehicle issues when you’re without mobile coverage.

Reaching previously unreachable areas

Before this partnership, AAA had limited options for reaching users stranded in areas without cellular connectivity. This collaboration enhances the scope of AAA’s service delivery, especially in remote locations where traditional connections are unavailable.

Providing immediate assistance

iPhone users can expect prompt help upon successfully completing the questionnaire, which also verifies AAA membership for service delivery. Even non-members can avail the service, though they will be responsible for making a payment upon completion.

Widening the safety net

The service will be available to all iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 users in the United States. The partnership aims to make it easier for people to get help in emergency situations, reducing the stress and risks associated with vehicle breakdowns in remote locations.

Leveraging existing technology

The satellite service builds upon technology initially deployed by Apple in 2022 for emergency SOS services. This collaboration extends the capabilities to provide roadside assistance, making efficient use of existing technology to further public safety.

What this means for the long term

This partnership not only enhances immediate safety for stranded drivers but also opens up greater possibilities for satellite-enabled services in the future. By extending a helping hand where traditional methods fall short, Apple and AAA are making a meaningful impact that goes beyond mere convenience, touching the realms of essential safety and potentially life-saving interventions.


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