Amazon’s Astro for Business: Robotic Revolution in Security

Business Security with Autonomous Patrols

Amazon Astro for Business represents a significant leap in security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. With a price tag of $2,349.99, this autonomous security robot offers a cost-effective and intelligent alternative to traditional security guards. This technological innovation marks a strategic shift towards enhancing business security through advanced, AI-driven solutions.

“Bringing peace of mind to business owners, Astro for Business reduces blind spots and protects inventory with intelligent motion and a periscope camera,”


Autonomous Security Operations

Astro for Business is an autonomous security robot capable of patrolling areas up to 5,000 square feet. It delivers intelligent alerts and patrols, establishing itself as a viable substitute for human security guards. This autonomy is critical for consistent and thorough surveillance, especially in areas that are traditionally prone to blind spots.

Advanced Surveillance Capabilities

Equipped with an HD periscope camera featuring night vision, Astro for Business is adept at monitoring under various lighting conditions. Its dual functionality, allowing both autonomous movement and remote control, provides comprehensive coverage of business premises, ensuring no corner is left unwatched.

AI-Driven Security Features

Astro for Business transcends the role of a mere mobile camera; it’s an intelligent security solution. Its AI-driven person recognition technology enhances its ability to detect and report unusual activity. This AI integration distinguishes it from conventional security systems, offering a proactive edge to business security.

Integration with Ring Protect Pro

Further bolstering its capabilities, Astro for Business integrates seamlessly with Ring Protect Pro. This integration facilitates video history storage for up to 180 days and provides comprehensive security alerts. This additional layer of security ensures that all surveillance data is not only securely stored but also readily accessible for review.

Customizable Monitoring for Businesses

Designed specifically for business environments, Astro Secure allows for customizable patrolling and monitoring routes. Business owners can tailor surveillance areas, directing the robot to focus on the most crucial parts of their premises, thus enhancing the effectiveness of their security strategy.


Amazon Astro for Business is not just a new product; it is a paradigm shift in business security. Its autonomous patrolling, advanced surveillance capabilities, AI-driven features, and seamless integration with existing security systems make it an all-encompassing, efficient solution for protecting small and medium-sized business assets. As technological advancements continue to reshape industries, Astro for Business is setting a new standard in security through a blend of innovation and practical application.


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