Amazon One expands to all Whole Foods Market locations

Contactless payments are becoming simpler with the arrival of Amazon One

The journey towards contactless payment is gaining traction as Amazon One, the identity and checkout solution from Amazon Web Services, announces its arrival in all Whole Foods Market stores in the U.S. By the end of 2023, every one of the 500+ locations will offer this novel payment system, changing the shopping experience for millions of customers.

“The customers’ response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are thrilled to extend the benefits of Amazon One to all our customers across the U.S,”

Leandro Balbinot, Chief Technology Officer at Whole Foods Market.

Amazon One’s popularity on the rise

Despite its relatively recent introduction, Amazon One has already hit a significant milestone of over 3 million uses across the United States. A significant factor in this growth is its availability in major retailers like Amazon Fresh stores, Whole Foods Market, and an increasing number of third-party businesses.

Third-party retailers welcome Amazon One

Amazon One is becoming a popular choice for retailers, who are finding innovative ways to implement this service. Panera Bread has integrated it into its loyalty program, and Aramark Sports + Entertainment is using the service’s age verification feature to streamline the alcohol purchase process.

New wave in sports and entertainment venues

The application of Amazon One extends beyond retail. Several sports and entertainment venues are leveraging the technology to enhance the fan experience. Some notable locations include Bridgestone Arena, Climate Pledge Arena, Globe Life Field, and many more.

How to enroll in Amazon One

First-time users can pre-enroll online and then complete the enrollment process by scanning their palm over an Amazon One device at a participating store. For Amazon Prime members, savings and other Prime member benefits will automatically be applied to their Whole Foods Market purchases.

Security with Amazon One

Amazon One not only offers convenience but also says they ensures top-tier data security. The system creates a unique “palm signature” by considering the palm and underlying vein structure for identity matching. Furthermore, customer palm data is securely stored in the AWS Cloud, backed by a multitude of cloud security tools and partners.

In conclusion, Amazon One’s expansion to all Whole Foods Market locations demonstrates how technology can improve the customer experience. As contactless payment becomes the norm, Amazon One is setting an example of expansion for others to follow.


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