Alef Aeronautics Model A: the first FAA-certified flying car

Achieving a landmark: FAA’s special airworthiness certification

Alef has reached a momentous milestone. The mobility company has announced that their “Model A” flying car has been granted a Special Airworthiness Certification by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is the first time a vehicle of this kind has received legal approval to fly from the U.S. Government.

The “Model A”: unveiling the future of transportation

Introduced in October 2022, Alef’s “Model A” flying car is an amalgamation of road and air travel. The vehicle, fully electric, has the capability to drive on public roads and take off or land vertically, presenting a transformative solution for commuting.

The market’s response: strong pre-orders

Following the unveiling of the “Model A”, Alef has experienced an enthusiastic response from both individual consumers and companies, over 440 flying cars reported in Q4 2022, demonstrating the high market demand for such innovative transportation solutions.

Limited availability: FAA’s Special Airworthiness Certificate

The FAA’s Special Airworthiness Certificate granted to Alef, while groundbreaking, limits the locations and purposes for which the flying car is allowed to fly. The FAA is actively refining its policies regarding electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles and their interaction with ground infrastructure.

About Alef: the company behind the flying car

Founded in 2015, Alef is a California-based sustainable electric transportation company. Alef is creating a road-legal passenger car with the ability to achieve vertical takeoff and forward flight. Their investors include renowned firms such as Draper Associates, Impact VC, and Bronco Ventures, among others.

The team behind Alef

Alef was the brainchild of four visionaries – Jim Dukhovny, Konstantin Kisly, Pavel Markin, Oleg Petrov. Their shared dream and technical expertise have been instrumental in the journey from an idea scribbled on a napkin to a certified flying car.

CEO’s thoughts

Jim Dukhovny, CEO of Alef, views the FAA certification as a crucial step towards revolutionizing commuting. “This is one small step for planes, one giant step for cars,” he said. The certification brings Alef closer to their goal of providing environmentally friendly, time-saving commutes.

Pre-ordering the Model

Alef is currently accepting pre-orders for the “Model A” flying car. Interested individuals or companies can secure their place in the queue by making a deposit of $300,000 on Alef’s website.

Final thoughts: new era of commuting

Alef’s flying car signifies more than just a solution to modern congestion – it represents a fundamental shift in our approach to transportation. As Alef’s journey continues, so does the anticipation for a future where our daily commutes involve not just roads, but also the sky.


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